Built-in Units
Many built-in units are designed to fit under the counter, and hold between 25 and 50 bottles of wine. Larger built-in units are available and can be planned during a kitchen remodel. Built-ins tend to be more expensive than freestanding wine refrigerators, and may include contractor costs for installing the unit.

Freestanding Units
Freestanding units range in capacity from countertop models that hold about a dozen bottles of wine to large units that hold 100 bottles or more. The key benefit to this type of wine coolers is convenience. You can locate it anywhere in your home, and you can purchase a refrigerator to suit your budget and size needs. Freestanding refrigerators tend to be less expensive than built-ins.

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Selecting Tips

With so many wine coolers to choose from, how do you select the right one? Budget is a huge consideration for most people, of course. Once you have settled on a budget, consider:
• How many bottles of wine you plan to store
• Available space in your home
• Features of the units, themselves


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